Best Beverage

I just had my interview with John and Fatima at Best Beverage.  It was amazing!  They were so informative, and friendly, but also professional.  The fact that I have no experience doesn’t seem to bother them too much because they offered me the job!  I told them I need to wait until after California and see what happens out there, but it’s mine if I want it! I would be doing wine sales, so I’d be on the road every day.  I have absolutely no experience in that, but it sounds like something I can do.  Selling wine is easy if you’re passionate about it, so I’m really interested.  I kept telling them that I really just want to learn, I may be young and have little to no experience but I am a fast learner.  I love learning, especially about wine.  So we’ll see what happens from here.  Every Friday they sit around and do tastings of new products and then decide if they’re going to sell them.  So I’m going back in on Friday to be a part of that, I’m really excited, it sounds like it could be an amazing experience for me.  But I still have California to look towards, so I won’t make any decisions yet.

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