Airplane Wine

I’m writing on the plane now, and drinking airplane wine.  This is a term I’m going to use to describe certain wines with these similar characteristics.  First, my tasting notes:

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
Wente Vineyards “Estate Grown”
Livermore Valley, San Francisco Bay, CA
Appearance:  deep red, with a slightly watery look
Aroma: Light, airy, blueberry, grape
Taste:  initial light spice: sharp cinnamon/black pepper (not sweet cinnamon, spicey) Lush berries, watery but thick, spice on the tongue
Notes: a wine for everyone: airplane wine. Decent, very drinkable  nothing too distinct, can be paired with anything really – not strong or distinct enough to be especially good or bad with food or alone.

Now, my definition for airplane wine is this wine.  Something that is neither good nor bad, neither strong nor weak, nothing distinct, nothing to write home about, but nothing to knock at either.  A decent wine, a wine for everybody.  I am curious on how wines are chosen for situations like this:  airplanes.  The wine has to be able to pair with the food being served, but also needs to be able to stand alone.  It can’t be too strong in any way to make sure that everyone who drinks it will enjoy it.  It’s not a wine I want to buy a case of, but if it was presented to me again, I would be satisfied.

Also, I made a decision today about editing this blog.  First off, as of this moment, it is not online, I’m taking my time to choose a site to host because I want it to be right for me.  But I’ve decided that I will not go back and edit any of my entries before posting this all online.  I also will not edit future blog posts.  I want this to be as real as possible.  This is not only about wine, but it’s about me and my ventures.  So I want it to be completely uncut, unedited and as me as possible.  The only edits being made would be spelling and grammar, but not content, content will never be edited.  I think that’s the best way for me to keep this blog as pure as possible.  I will write what comes to mind, and be happy with it, because this is me.  As much as it’s about wine, it’s also about me.

Time to do a little work while I fly.  I bought a small notebook that I’ll be able to take with me wherever I go so I can write about the wines I tastes as well as any information that I find pertinent.  I’ve been writing all of my past wine tasting notes in it so as to keep everything as organized as possible.  It’s kind of exciting to be able to go back and re-read all of my notes.  Some are from 2 or 3 years ago, when I was only first learning about wine.  As the time goes on, my notes get more in depth, increasingly more intelligent, which is a nice thing to learn about myself.  It tells me that I am capable of learning something new and taking it in and actually applying it.  It also tells me that this is something that I not only am good at (for being a completely inexperienced 23 year old), but that I enjoy.  The better my notes get, the more I know, the more I’m learning.  It’s nice to see that I am learning this all on my own now, I’m not taking any classes, I don’t have a mentor or anything, this is something I’m doing because I want to, and because I love to.  And it’s reflected by my notes.  Yes, that’s a lot of things to learn about myself just from reading old notes about wines I’ve tasted.  But it’s exciting for me.  I’m at a point in my life where I am learning more and more about myself every day, and I love it.

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