Some more airport thoughts..


I’m currently reading Natalie MacLean’s book Red White and Drunk All Over:  A  Wine-Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass.  I’ve only gotten through the introduction so far while waiting for my flight at Logan today, but I saw many parallels in her written beliefs and my own beliefs on wine and the experience inviting wine into your life brings.  She comments that many writers in the wine world seem to forget that there is alcohol in wine.  I completely agree with this.  If wine had no alcohol, would there be this esteem about it?  This prestige?  Otherwise, isn’t it just juice?  Yet no one mentions the alcohol, and at tastings and events wine professionals expect you to spit, not swallow.  Now I understand that to be able to appreciate the first wine as you do the twenty-first wine, you can’t swallow every drop.  But, I do believe that part of the flavors are lost when you spit, I also believe that wine is an experience, and the alcohol only heightens, not hinders, that experience.  I believe you should welcome the warmth of the alcohol, and it’s effects.  I believe that you should appreciate how the alcohol transforms your thoughts and actions, in a safe and comforting way.  Drinking to excess is unnecessary, and that is not the reason for my consumption of wine.  But that is not to say that I do have my own dangers in stopping.  My love is an addiction, my addiction is a love.

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