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I have found in my conversations with various people, that there are many many people who don’t know what a sommelier is.  I have needed to define a sommelier many times.  (thanks to a google search, the definition of a sommelier is: a sommelier, or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, commonly working in fine restaurants).  And I’ve realized that a-there are much too many people who haven’t drank enough wine and b-being a sommelier doesn’t necessarily mean a job or profession.  You can’t be a professional sommelier.  It’s similar (in my mind) to having a degree in something.  Someone can have their masters in biology, and I could be a master sommelier.  It’s just the amount of education and certifications and degrees earned.  Having a masters in biology doesn’t mean you will be a biologist necessarily.  But the term sommelier is like the term doctor. It’s a level of education.  Just because you have your doctorate and are in fact a ‘doctor’ in the way of title. So I won’t necessarily be a sommelier in a professional and career sense, but I will, eventually, hold the title of a sommelier.

Today we met up with a few of my brothers friends in LA.  They were all very involved in the film industry out here.  They were all very very nice.  But my favorite parts of the evening were two parts:

1- Someone asked about my interviews and what I was doing out here and I told them about my wine passion, but just briefly.  And one guy asked if I’m a wine connoisseur, which I like to think that I will be, but to them, yes I am a wine connoisseur.  And his response was very impressed.  He loved the idea that that is what my career path is.  Typically most people are simply like ‘oh cool, that’s fun,” or “so you’re going to get drunk for a living.”  But it’s nice to hear when people are actually impressed with you, on any level.

2 – at the end of the evening when we were leaving the bar, Amparo’s old roommate stopped me and asked me to recommend vineyards in Napa for her and her family to visit.  I said that I hadn’t been yet but that I’m going this weekend, and she said well, when you get back, make sure you tell me a few places and I’m going to go to exactly where you say.  She was very interested to know what I would recommend and what I would have to say about wine, which is always nice.

It was just nice to be somewhere for a minute that people knew nothing about wine, but knew a little bit of the industry of it.  Typically when I tell people I’m trying to get into the wine business they’re like ‘what does that even mean?  I don’t care.’  But then again, at the same time it’s always so nice to be the one who’s doing something different.  To be honest, part of the reason I got out of photography was that it was so popular, so overdone, so cliché. Everyone went to school to be a photographer.  But I’m going to school to learn something completely new and different that some people have never experienced for even a second in their entire life.  Its nice to be different.

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