From the Plane

11:15am PDT


So this whirlwind of a trip is coming to a close. I’m on the plane home, and I actually am very happy to be heading home. I’ve realized that the west coast isn’t for me. Two weeks out west was enough for me. Spending a week in LA made me realize how much I don’t like LA. It was a fun trip, a nice vacation, but that’s all LA could be for me – vacation. I could never live there. The traffic is horrendous at any time of the day, in any area. It takes a half hour to get absolutely anywhere. It’s covered in smog. And the people all spend their time being “professionally pretty.” I feel underdressed if I go anywhere without heels, and I hate heels. Although LA has many faults in my mind, I can see why some people live there. It’s almost always sunny, and the beaches are everywhere, and fairly easy to get to (except for the traffic). But I feel like Rhode Island has all of that for me. Although it gets below 60 degrees in the winter. But that’s fine, at least Rhode Island doesn’t have 9 months of winter like Rochester did. If I could last 4 years in Rochester, I can handle the calm winters of Rhode Island. But of course, this all depends on what happens when I meet with Best Beverage again tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll still have a position for me, and will be able to offer me a suitable package. I forgot to mention that while in San Francisco I went to Pyramid Brewery. I really love wine, but I’m a big beer drinker. I love going to breweries and trying new beers from all over the country and the world. Pyramid is listed as one of the nations top breweries not to miss, so I’m happy that I got to see it. I ordered their sampler and had a tasting of 5 different beers. I was a big fan of their Hefeweizen. I’ve always enjoyed Heff’s (Franzikaner, Hoegarden, Kona Brewing’s Heff). I also tasted their apricot beer. It was pretty decent for a fruit beer, but it was much too sweet for me. One of my favorite breweries is the Kona Brewing Company from Kona, Hawaii. The have excellent food, and a wide selection of beers. And I just heard from my friend John, that Macgregors (my favorite bar, in Rochester, NY), just recently got Kona Brew. I’m very excited for the next time I visit Rochester. I’ve been trying to find Kona Brew on the east coast for years now, so I’m very excited. Now all I need is some place closer to home to carry it. But I have heard of Yankee Spirits that supposedly carries beers and wines from all over. I’m going to have to check it out when I get home. I’ve been trying to find Canadian beers, and Rhode Island doesn’t seem to carry them, so hopefully Yankee Spirits will help with all my needs. So far this plane ride is pretty uneventful, except for the fact that my volume control on my tv is broken, so I either have to go deaf, or watch shows on my computer. I’m a little paranoid about my suitcase, I brought home 3 bottles of wine from Napa in it, and I’m so scared something’s going to happen to it. Joleen gave me a 2 bottle cardboard wine shipper to take with me. It’s just 2 pieces of sturdy cardboard shaped for 2 bottles of wine. And the third I had to wrap in a sweatshirt or two. One year I brought home two six-packs of Kona Brew from Hawaii, and a bottle of vodka from my Dad, and they were all safe in my suitcase when I got home. But the price of the six-packs and the vodka didn’t amount to one of the bottles of wine that I’m bringing home. And mean much more to me! But by the time I get this post online, I’ll know whether or not they made it.

Update: all the wine made it safe and sound!!

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