Decisions Decisions..

Tomorrow is my second interview with Best Beverage. I’m a little nervous.  I keep thinking that what if it falls through, am I really ready to move to California.  Or, what if they offer me a position, am I really prepared to stay in Providence?  And what are the reasons for me to stay here, or to go to California.  And are the reasons I chose either, the right reasons? The more I think about it, the more the line between the two is blurred, and the more nervous I am to make the right decision.  I know ultimately, whatever I do, I’ll be happy.  So I suppose that’s all that matters.  And if that’s all that matters, then there really is no right or wrong decision, right?

Now for a little wine romance.

Today someone asked me which I would prefer to have: the best glass of wine I’ve ever tasted, or the best kiss I’ve ever had.  I said the kiss.  But, isn’t a really amazing kiss just like a really amazing glass of wine? When you taste a wine that good, don’t you go weak in the knees for a minute? Aren’t all of your senses focused only on that wine?  Don’t you want to drink in (literally) every once of it?  And doesn’t that sound awfully similar to the reaction you have during a truly amazing kiss?  Kisses are meant to be shared. But so are wines.  Yes, you can really enjoy a glass of wine alone, but don’t you immediately want to tell someone about it, don’t you want everyone to know that you’ve just fallen in love?   Wine and love have a lot in common to me.  Both are such intimate, personal experiences.  They both can take hold of all of your senses and can grab your emotions in ways you’ve never expected.  And I love it.

Today I was also asked if I was hell-bent on a career in wine.  And I said yes absolutely, but if I needed to, I would take something else.  And then I got two really great compliments.  One was simple:  I was told that I’m smart and will be successful no matter what I do.  Which is of course a great thing to hear.  But the second was much more personal and important to me.  A friend told me that he admires me for going after a love.  And that was an even more amazing thing to hear.  I know I’m smart, I know I’ll find a way to be successful in my life.  But being admired for taking such a huge chance is a really great thing to hear.  Not that I’ve ever really doubted my decision to go for a career in wine, but I do know that if I took the safer route and worked towards a career in my major, I’d probably have a comfortable job now, or at least another good internship.  And I know I’d be happy.  Just not as happy as I could be.  So that’s why I’m doing this.  And, being admired is nice.

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