Tasting or an Interview?

Friday I had my second interview with Best Beverage.  I went in around noon for their weekly tasting.  Every Friday they all get together and taste new wines and decide whether or not they’ll be bringing them in.  They taste new vintages of wines they already have in their portfolio.  They also bring in lunch and just relax and talk.  It was a very relaxing and comfortable “interview.”  I sat down with Fatima when I first got there, and just chatted and she asked about my trip to California, and then shortly after the tasting started, a representative for Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants came in to talk to us about a line of wines, which I’ll discuss more later.  He introduced himself to everyone and asked me if I was one of the salespeople and Fatima answered for me saying “No, but we hope she will be soon!”  So that was a really good start to everything.  After he left we tasted more of the wines and talked about them.  Then John, Fatima’s husband and co-owner came in for a bit.  He sat next to me and was joking about how he has no palate and he can’t pick out any flavors or scents in wine.  I have an aroma wheel from my wines classes that I use when i’m tasting sometimes.  On the inner ring of the wheel there’s different categories that then branch out into more specifics. Here’s an image of the AC Noble Aroma Wheel.

I had a copy of the aroma wheel with me so I gave it to John to use while we tasted, and he loved it!  He seemed impressed with me, which was really great.  He even made a copy of the aroma wheel to keep for himself.  He had to leave halfway through the tasting, so before he left, he talked to me briefly about the job.  He wanted to make sure I know what i’m getting into, and that I’m serious about everything.   He said that him and Fatima will discuss everything over the weekend and call me either Monday or Tuesday.  But he did say that they’ll be making me an offer, which is great news! I’m excited to hear from them.  Fatima also mentioned that they have a wine dinner on Tuesday night, and she’s going to find out more about it and possibly bring me along, which would be really great.  If all goes well, I’d start training the week after this one.  I’m ready to finally have a job.  I was reminded today that I’ve been unemployed for like two months now, so it’ll be good to finally be back in the working class. I’m also ready to start classes.  I’ve been looking more and more into classes at Johnson & Wales and I really think their MBA program is right for me.  I’m going to contact someone there to discuss options with them, and hopefully get some more advice and then I’ll see what happens from there.

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