So what now?

So I’ve been thinking a lot the past few days.  Not that I have many other things to do these days.  Just drink a lot of wine and think.  Which is what I’m doing now.  So anyways, I’ve been thinking.  Maybe it’s a good thing that Best Beverage didn’t hire me.  I was never totally excited about doing sales anyways.  And considering how bad the economy is these days, why would a sales position be a successful position?  I’ve never really been good at selling things.  I quit working at Express because they constantly scolded me for not trying to push customers to add a belt, or sign up for the credit card.  If you don’t want it, why would me telling you that you need the belt make you want to buy it?  I guess it’d be different with wine since I actually care about what I’m selling, and I know enough about it to tell you why you need to buy it.  I think I could do well selling wine directly to customers, but I’m not sure the business end of sales is for me — getting wine from the distributors and selling it to liquor stores and restaurants isn’t really all that thrilling.  So maybe this is a good thing.

On that note, if sales isn’t for me, what is?  Well I’ve been applying to a lot of restaurants, but also hotels.  The Rhode Island tourism season is beginning, so a lot of hotels in nicer areas like Newport are starting to hire for front-of-house positions.  I think that I could be a really excellent concierge, or front desk attendant.  I know that I have good interpersonal skills, and I think that I could do really well in customer service.  I want to be a sommelier, and in order to do that I’d need excellent interpersonal skills anyways.  So maybe finding a job in a hotel or something similar is the route I should take.

I’m getting a little stressed out about what I should do.  About what path I should take.  Should I just go to California and take a chance on the job with HGC? Or should I take a chance on Rhode Island and try and find a job here?  I have no idea what to do.   And my parents are no help (sorry guys). They call and say “we want you to stay in rhode island” and then two hours later “well, maybe you should go to california.”   One day they say they’d prefer if I stayed back east, they’d feel more comfortable with that, closer to home etc.  But then the next day they say that maybe California’s a good idea, they know a lot of people there that would take care of me, and I’d be closer to them in Hawaii etc.  So they’re no better than me at making decisions.  But I do welcome their advice, and although I know they think I don’t listen, I do!  I hear you, and I’m taking the advice, I just need to sort through everything.  Ultimately, it is my decision and I need to do what’s right for me.   But that doesn’t mean I’m not taking in and thinking about what everyone says.

So please, any and all advice is very welcome and greatly appreciated.

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