Lately I’ve been a little lazy in studying.  I’ve been reading Natalie MacLean’s book still and have kept up with her wine newsletter, as well as watching Gary Vaynerchuck’s video blogs:  Wine Library TV.  I have learned a lot and been able to find good recommendations through these sources, but I haven’t been setting aside specific time to really study and learn.  I can taste wine all day, but that doesn’t make me an expert.  The sommelier I met in California gave me her information on the Gallo Wine Academy so I could go on and take the exams and just learn.  And in doing so over the past few weeks I’ve realized that I really don’t know shit.  So, through the Gallo Wine Academy, I’m going to spend time learning more about all aspects of the industry.  And to make sure I’m staying on top of this, I’m going to post something that I learn every day week.  That’ll be the direction of this blog, for now.  My own collection of what I’ve learned, sprinkled with random crap of course, because I’ll never stay in line.

I also really want to really make this blog my own.  I want to include my tasting notes in an organized way.  I’m going to think this through some more.  I need some HTML help, i know a little but not enough to do what I want to do with this site.  So if anyone knows website design really well and wants to pick up a side project, I’d love you forever.

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