So I got a job.  I’m going to be waitressing at Stone House 1854.  It’s a new hotel opening in Little Compton, RI, about 5 miles from Newport, RI.  My hiring manager is the Wine Director for the restaurant, so he was very impressed with all my wine knowledge and education.  I told him about my plans for school and about how I eventually want to be a Sommelier.  And he was very excited and impressed.  Apparently the head-chef of this restaurant used to work with Richard Betts, a fairly well known Master Sommelier in the US.  Andrew Jay, the Wine Director, told me that I’d be able to pick his brain and I’ll at least make some good contacts while working there.  They start training June 5th, and then we’ll have a soft opening for friends and family.  The hotel has two restaurants, a fancy restaurant and then a more pub-ish style restaurant.  So I’ll be able to get a lot of good bartending experience, as well as really good fine-dining experience.  Plus, the clientelle is Newport, RI clientelle, so the tips are going to be pretty decent (I hope).  Also, they have a yacht!  And according to the website people can rent the yacht and go out for a day and a waitstaff will be on board, so maybe I’ll get to serve wine on a yacht!  Who knows.

I’m still trying to convince myself that this is a good opportunity, but I made a pro-con list last night, and I’ve decided that it can’t hurt.  The only other options I really have right now are in the print industry, and they’re full time positions, things that I couldnt jut necessarily leave if a good wine position opens up. I have to start somewhere.  I know there’s still the option of California.  But I don’t want to go to California.  I’d have to live in LA and work in sales.  Neither of those things do I have aaany interest in doing.  I hated LA both times I visited, I don’t want to work in sales.  From what I’ve gathered about wine sales, it’s less about the wine and more about making money.  I’d be working with people who’d sell the wine, not with people who’d be drinking the wine.  Whereas in a position like waiting tables, I get to do what I’d love to do the most — talk to a customer about the wine.  What wine they should order to go with their meal, why they would like this one over a different.  I’d be able to give me own opinion rather than a company’s opinion.  I’m not in it to sell the most expensive bottle, but to sell the best bottle for what they want.  So I think that this will be a good experience for me.  I mean, I have none, so I’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

I’m all ears for opinions/advice on this matter, I’m awful at making decisions, especially important ones!

2 thoughts on “Job!

  1. YAY! CONGRATS! it sounds like a great opportunity and you will make so much money in newport. seriously i made tons of money being a waitress breakfast shift at a fancy hotel in maine, so you will make tons more doing dinner in newport!! im so happy for you, now can you come visit me?

  2. Congrats again! Let me know when this is all up and running – Andy and I will have to come by for lunch or dinner this summer!

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