3 months down..

3 Months of unemployment is a long time.  I left Hasbro on February 28th, and now on June 5th I’m finally going back to work.  3 FULL months without working.  Without having any real responsibilities, without any cash-flow, without any real direction or plan.  And I wouldn’t have traded it.

Over the course of these three months I went to Rochester, I went to Southwick, I went to California.  I saw Napa Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, LA.  I went on interviews, I got job offers and I got turned down. But what I did get over these passed 3 months was a true understanding of what I’m looking for.  I feel much smarter and much more prepared to make decisions than before.  Had I had a job offer leaving Hasbro I would’ve taken it, regardless of the position, just to have a job.  But I didn’t and it gave me a chance to really focus on what I’m really looking for and what I really want.  I’m grateful for the past 3 months.  It’s been rough and painful, but I did get a chance to learn a lot about myself and now I know that this industry really is the one for me.  Although it can be tough forcing myself to study, I don’t really mind it, not like I minding studying in college.  This is for me, not just to pass a class and get out of school.  This is actually to get back into school.

In these three months I’ve decided that I’m not ready to go to California.  I don’t have enough money, or enough knowledge to pack up and move to California.  Some might say that California’s the best place to learn about wine.  But I disagree.  For me, I don’t think it’s the best place. Right now I really want to focus on getting an education and getting experience, so that when the time is right for me to be in California, I’ll be fully prepared.  But right now, I’m ready to really learn and really focus.  I’ve been studying through the Gallo Wine Academy (today I got a 100% on an exam about Australia).  And in the fall I’m planning to start classes through the WSET at Johnson and Wales.  And this job that I’ll be starting, I believe, will give me the necessary experience.

One thought on “3 months down..

  1. you know what you should do…is go spend some time in europe. old world wines and wineries. old ways of thinking. see where it all began. learn it from a historical standpoint. plus take in the beautiful environment. i would do this in a heartbeat. i ❤ wine.

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