Bartender / Inventory Extraordinaire

Work this week has been interesting.  I worked lunch on Tuesday and actually made some decent cash.  But that’s just because there were only two waitresses on the whole day, so that was good.  And, I had a pretty excellent table at the very end of it all.  The head chef of The Spiced Pear, Kyle Ketchum and a colleague came in for a late lunch.  The Spiced Pear is a restaurant in Newport, RI.  They were both very nice gentlemen and enjoyed their lunch, but the best part was that Chef Kyle’s colleague is a well known Advanced Sommelier, Michael Scherzberg.  He has worked in many fine restaurants across the US, most currently I believe he is at the Ventana Room in Tuscan, AZ.  Chef Kyle had apparently invited Michael to come out and assist with the wine list of The Spiced Pear.  I spoke with Michael breifly about my plans, and he gave me his card and told me to send him an email and he would try his best to help me out — send me study materials as well as give me any advice he could, which is really amazing!  I sent him an email yesterday, so now I’m just waiting to hear back from him, I’m hoping that he’ll be able to help me find a little more defined direction.

Last night I was on to train at the bar, but when I got there, one of my managers asked me to do a wine inventory instead.  So I spent 6 hours cataloging every single bottle of wine on the premise, which is an incredible amount of wine.  They needed to get a solid count so they can place a more specific order.  At the end of everything, I wrote down a few notes that I had for the wine list, and when I mentioned them to one of my managers, Paola, she was impressed and said that they were very good notes.  I commented that we do need to have more Pinot Noir’s on the menua, specifically a few that are cheaper by the glass, I also recommended the La Fortuna Pinot Noir.  We currently have the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon on our menu, but I had tasted the PN at lunch last week and it’s a very interesting wine, and in a similar price range as the Cab ($6/glass and $24/bottle at The Stone House).  Also, the Cab is one of our most popular by-the-glass wines, so adding more varietals from La Fortuna could only help.

La Fortuna is an organic winery in the Lontue Valley, Chile.

Tonight I’m training at the bar again, hopefully this time I’ll get more time to mix drinks.  But I’m gonna go in early so that I can square everything away with the inventory and hopefully sit down with my manager and go over my notes.

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