So I started writing this post two weeks ago, but then got distracted and went on vacation and forgot.  But I’ve been out of work for a bit.  I fractured my foot playing soccer on two weeks ago, but then I had taken the following week off for vacation with friends anyways.  My friend Michael came to visit for a few days (with his bf Brian who was starting an internship with Hasbro), and then our friend Joe came down for a few days, and we all headed to Philly to meet up with more friends.  After Philly we headed to Avalon, NJ for 4 days of craziness.  We go every year to be with all of our friends from college (SolFly, the 20 of us that all lived on the same floor freshmen year at RIT).  It was an amazing vacation, and not nearly long enough.  We’re all already ready for next year!

I’ve been out of work for 2 and a half weeks, and am itching to get back!! My foot is getting better, slowly but surely, and I’ve been without crutches for a few days so I’m ready.  Today I signed up for the WSET course at Johnson & Wales.  I am so excited, and so ready to finally be studying and have it actually count towards something. Learning is definitely great, and I love learning new things about wine daily, but it’s great to be studying for a reason, for something that I love.

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