Wine List

So I’ve been getting some very interesting comments about the wine list at work lately.  When we first opened Pietra, we had about 100 bottles offered by the glass, plus many more that weren’t even on the list.  The list was centered around organic, bi0-dynamic, sustainable and local wines.  Now, at The Tap Room, our by-the-glass wine list is only about 10 bottles, and is severely lacking.  The list is pretty generic and has very few exciting wines.  When someone would ask for a glass of wine at Pietra, it became a conversation.  When someone asks for a glass of wine at The Tap Room, it’s an apology.  The only chardonnay we offer by the glass is Sakonnet’s un-oaked chardonnay.  About half the customers like it (simply because it’s local), and the other half are upset that it’s the only chard we have.  The majority of the comments I hear about the wine list are complaints.  When I tell people that I’m working there to gain experience in the wine industry, I’m embarrassed to show them the wine list.  It’s not something that I’m proud of, as if it’s a representation of my wine knowledge.

So rather than just complaining about it, I’m taking some initiative to rework the wine list.  Tomorrow I’m going into work (on my day off) to do a full inventory of all the wines we have.  This way we’ll be able to start having weekly specials to run down our inventory and be able to basically start over on our wine list.  It’s going to take a few months to really get to where I’d like it to be, but hopefully this is a start. And soon, we’ll have a wine list that I’m actually proud of.

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