Wines Class

I recently finished the Intermediate class in the WSET program.  I’m actually very upset that it’s over.  I really loved the class.  What I did not love, however, was the exam.  The exam was much harder than expected, harder then we all expected actually.  It’s been almost three weeks since class ended and I still haven’t heard about my score, which is completely killing me.  But all in all, I really learned a lot in the class.  Our professor, Marc DeMarchena, was amazing.  His teaching style is a little difficult to follow sometimes, but he is very entertaining and I definitely learned a lot from him.  The Advanced course starts in February, and I’m planning on taking that.  I’m nervous because of how hard this course was, but I’m ready for it.  As long as I focus and dedicate lots of time to studying, then I’ll be fine.

In other news,  I joined a gym! And with my membership I got a free personal trainer for a month, and it’s been amazing so far.  My trainer has been making my workout about soccer, and making me a better, stronger goalie. It’s been great, although when the free part ends, I’m nervous to see how much it would cost to keep working out with my trainer.

Also, I’ve decided to start posting more pictures on this blog.  So to start, here’s a few.

Lauren came down from Boston and we spent the day enjoying the Fall in Providence:

Brown Campus

And this is Jelly, sitting with the plastic bags she brought me while I was doing some work:

I brought you presents, now pay attention to me!

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