Losing my cool

I have no patience for the pompous.  People who are rude, and are just so self-important really piss me off.  You are not better than me, please don’t act like you are.  There are many people like that that come into work, and last night was no different.  All night I had really great tables, and I was on point.  I held great conversations, made jokes, and got at the very least 20% tips from everyone (as well as a business card for Bernard Auto Sales on Rt 6 in Westport!) But then this one 4-top came in and sat in my section, and right away it started off bad.  They had originally made a reservation for 6 people at 8:30, but they instead showed up at 7:30 with 4 people, and apparently they do this often just so that they can get a table (we only take reservations for 6 or more).  So when I get to the table they ask for a wine list, which we don’t have at the moment, and I attempted to explain that we’re working on our inventory but that if they tell me what they’re looking for I can point them in the right direction.  The woman literally scoffed at me, as if this was such a ridiculous idea, that I could help them choose their wine.  Also, this is a photo I took while she scoffed at my wine recommendations:

and I'm the puppy

Needless to say, I had no problem handing this table over to my manager to take care of. Throughout their meals they wanted things that weren’t on the menu, things that we were out of, sent food back, etc.  Joe (my manager), can be just as pompous as needed to spar with customers like that. I, on the other hand, have no patience for it. How does acting rude and treating your server poorly make you better than anyone? Do people think that makes them a good person? It blows my mind.  But then there are some really great people that come in, and most of our regulars are really great people.

In other news, big nor-easter coming through tonight.  I’m actually very excited, because if we have snow then maybe it’ll start to feel like Christmas around here.  And if it doesn’t snow, at least the Boston Pops do their best to bring the Christmas cheer.  I couldn’t find a video, but here’s an excerpt from their “12 Days of Christmas”

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