It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

SNOW!!! From around 7pm Saturday night to 1pm Sunday afternoon Providence, RI got COVERED in snow. As I’m sure everyone is aware, there was a blizzard, producing close to 20″ of snow in my area.

It is beautiful.

My driveway is still barely shoveled out, with help from some wonderful neighbors.  I spent much of the day inside watching football and napping on the couch. There’s nothing I love more than staying inside during a snow storm like that.  My biggest decision of the day was where to nap: on the couch, or in my bed.

After napping, and my soccer game, I made some Chili for dinner.  I make amazing chili, I can’t cook very well, but my chili is great.  I opened a bottle of Tempranillo to enjoy with dinner.  One of my favorite wine-and-food pairing sayings is “What goes together, grows together.”  I can’t remember if it was said by my college wine instructor, Lorraine Helms, or if I had read it in my now misplaced book, Great Tastes Made Simple, by Andrea Immer Robinson.  Having a Spanish wine with Spanish flavors not only makes sense in theory, but in actuality.  The flavors in the wine, and the flavors in the food stem from the same earth, from the same terroir, so they blend together so naturally.  This particular wine, a 2007 Campellares Rioja:

100% Tempranillo

I chose for no particular reason, it was in the buy one-get one 50% section at my local liquor store, so I thought I’d give it a chance.  I had almost forgotten about it until tonight when I searched my shelves for an appropriate wine.

Tonight is the Holiday Party at work.  My boss wants us to dress up, and so everyone has been bugging me about it, since I hate dressing up so much.  I’ve had a few ideas for what to wear so far:

1- A santa outfit

2- A tuxedo

3-  My work uniform, apron and all

We’ll see, I might just wear something nice to surprise everyone.

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