Aloha from Hawaii

The weather here is amazing.  Since I’ve been here it’s been unbelievable, sunny and 80 degrees. And not a cloud in the sky! Unless you look up the mountain, of course. Not only is there an active volcano fogging up the air (actually it’s called vog: volcanic fog), but there’s been some pretty serious fires on some of the farms  up the mountain.  The other night it smelled like a campfire in our entire house just because of the smoke pouring down the mountain.  Also, there’s a storm somewhere in the ocean off the coast causing massive waves! They’ve been shutting down all of the beach for the past few days because of it.  Here’s some pictures I took of the waves crashing:

Up to 30 foot swells in some places!

I think this is more than 30 feet!

It’s actually a bit cloudy today, but I’m okay with that since I’ve already gotten quite the sunburn! And apparently they’re in the middle of a little drought here so a little rain would be nice.  It wouldn’t bother me, rain in paradise is still paradise.

Recently a friend from back home moved to Rhode Island (which is excellent, because working so much leaves me very little time to make new friends).  We were having dinner and discussing his new job, he’s a microbiologist.  We got into a debate about work vs life.  He doesn’t want a job that takes over his life, he wants work to be separate from everything else.  He wants to leave work at work when he goes home at night. I, on the other hand, completely disagree.  If you have to spend most of your life working, and you have to work to really enjoy life, then wouldn’t you want them to be the same?  I want to have a job that I enjoy so much that I bring it with me everywhere.  Something I want everyone to be a part of, something that I don’t want to leave at work.  And that’s just the career I’ve found.  Today I had to take my mom to the doctors and when she came out, the doctor and the rest of the staff wanted advice on some wine.  The doctor asked me to write down some of my favorite wines for him and his wife.  I love that everywhere I go, wine is part of me.  I love that what I do everyone wants a part of; that’s exactly what I was looking for in a career.

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