When did Summer get here?

It was an exciting spring.. New apartment, new job! The last few months have been absolutely insane! After getting back from Hawaii in February, I took over the job of Beverage Manager/Sommelier at the Stone House, which began an insane and intense few months. It was an amazing experience, although extremely frustrating at times, I’m glad I did it.  I’ve since left The Stone House. I moved into a great position as the wine sales manager at a new liquor store in Providence – Bottles Fine Wine. It’s only 2 miles away from my apartment, which alone is an obvious plus.  The store is HUGE! It is in an old Blockbuster, and is right next to East Side Market – a popular grocery store on the east side. We opened on Memorial day, and I started work a few weeks earlier pricing and shelving and kind of rushing to get everything in place. It’s been a little crazy, but it’s great!

Here’s a little history on the store – The owner’s name is Gil Maclean – he is the co-founder of Stirrings Cocktail Mixers, which we offer in our store. He’s been an east-side for 10 years now and is hugely active in the community, so we’ll be working more and more closely with East Side Market. The GM is Eric Taylor, from La Laiterie, and the Beer Manager is Liam Maloney, also from La Laiterie. John Libonoti is the liquor sales manager, and I am the wine sales manager.  The Philosophy of the store is to be as shoppable and “dummy-proof” as possible. The reason for so many “managers” is to have someone on staff at all times who is very knowledgeable on one or all of the subjects, which is great.  It’s important to have a knowledgeable staff, and not just a line of cashiers. It’s been great so far – walking around the store shopping for customers.  I can’t count the number of times people come in and have no idea what they want, which is the most fun.  It’s also been great when they try something new, based on my recommendation, and come back to tell me what they liked/didn’t like about it.  It’s much harder selling wine in a retail setting than it was in a restaurant setting.  At the restaurant I cold taste the customer on the glass or bottle before they made the commitment.  I don’t have the freedom to do that at the store, so it’s much more important to be able to read the customer and understand exactly what they want. It’s a challenge, but one that I’m so happy to be taking on.  Looking back on the last few years that I’ve been living in Providence, I couldn’t be more surprised and happy about the opportunities that I’ve had. I jumped head first into the wine-world with zero experience and very little knowledge and now I hold two certificates and worked as a Sommelier, Beverage Manager and now wine sales manager.

Time for the shameless plug:

I hold wine tastings every Thursday from 3:30-7:30 and Liam holds beer tastings on Fridays from 3:30-7:30.  Here’s a list of the tasting we’ll be holding for the month of July:

July 1st & 2nd:

Sparkling Wines & White Ales

July 8h & 9th:

South African Wines & ‘Gansett

July 15th & 16th:

Rieslings & Gruners & Sierra Nevada

July 22nd& 23rd:

Wines for your BBQ & Lawnmower Beers

July 29th:

Portuguese Wines


Soon I’m going to sit down and post a whole mess of tastings. I’ll definitely post my notes on the tastings I hold at work, but then also some more individual tastings as well. And this time “soon” means in the next week or so, rather than the next few months. I have a little more of a set-schedule these days, and I’m not working until midnight or later every night so I’ll be able to dedicate much more time to this!

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