Business cards are for business men

Work’s been getting a lot busier lately. The college kids are back in town, the Brown professors are back in town. The East Side has grown again. Every summer, the East Side of Providence completely empties, the students take off, the professors take off, and the families vacation outside of the city. And in September the area fills up again. We’ve been gearing up all summer for the fall and it’s officially here. I’ve spent the summer getting to know my customers, my regulars. The people who come in for the tastings every week, and want my advice. And the people who come in to try things they’d never try just because I recommended them. I have two regular customers to the tastings: a young married couple who love wine, and just want to learn. Which is the kind of people I love the most. Last week when I told them about the upcoming chardonnay tasting, she immediately said she hates chardonnay. So I asked her to come back and just try, and tonight she ended up liking 2 of the 4 at the tasting. Not enough to buy them, but enough to order a glass of chardonnay next time they go out to dinner, which is a pretty big leap from “hating chardonnay.”

In other news, we got business cards today! I’ve never had my own personal business card so I’m pretty excited about that. And about 20 minutes after I got mine, I had a customer ask me if I had one. 1 down, 500 to go.

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