Unprofessionalism in the workplace

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone this day in age, where the corporate lines have been blurred, that the idea of professionalism has also been blurred, and neglected. Things like going out for drinks with your boss and having (platonic) personal relationships in the workplace are much more acceptable. I firmly believe that a workplace where you are comfortable and happy is a much more productive workplace. But finding that balance can be difficult, especially with the amount of people who take advantage of their positions and who have thrown the rulebooks in the garbage. I understand that the industry I am in revolves entirely around alcohol, a social lubricant. I understand that because of this the people I will encounter, and work with and for, will be much more relaxed, and that’s part of the reason I chose this industry. But relaxed and unprofessional are two very different things.  There are standards of business that should be followed no matter what the industry is. There are certain ways that professionals should conduct themselves. And because all of these standards were completely disregarded, I have left my job. This is the second time in a year I have left my job for very similar reasons. Economically speaking, leaving my job isn’t the smartest move for me. But for my personal and professional health, it is completely the right decision.  What’s next for me, I have no idea. But I do know that I am much better off being unemployed than being at  job where I am mistreated and disrespected regularly. It will definitely be a difficult time over the next few weeks/months getting through this, but I made the decision and will be living with it; whether it be good or bad.

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