Happy New Year! Now Let’s Drink!

I sat down and thought long and hard what my New Years’ Resolution should be this year. The classics all popped into my head: eat healthier, exercise more, save money, get and stay organized, drink less… wait. Drink… LESS? No no. My New Years’ Resolution for 2013 is to drink more.

Now, Mom & Dad, before you have your second daughter-induced-aneurysm (the first being when I chose a career in booze), I mean really well with this one. I don’t just want to necessarily drink more and go out every Friday night and party hard with my friends. I’m 27, I’m getting a little too old for that (okay, maybe not too old). My goal is to drink more and drink better. I want to try new wines, seek out interesting varietal blends and regions I’ve never tried before, or have only tried once. I’m going to drink more whites this summer. I’m going to stray from my trusted Oregon & Burgundian Pinots and venture into the land of Greece and Croatia. I’m going to investigate dessert wines that aren’t Port (Don’t worry port, I still love you!). I’m going to mix my way through the Savoy Cocktail book. And as a result, I’ll write about it all, which helps out with resolution number 750: to write more.

Cheers, bitches

Cheers, bitches

So there you have it. I make no promises, because resolutions are meant to be broken, and almost always are, but I think this might be one I can actually stick to. At least for a few months…

So what do you think? Any wines or cocktails out there I should start with?

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