Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend! Weekends are meant for fun and games; spending time with friends and family. Nobody likes to spend their weekend at work. But since most people work Monday – Friday and do most of their shopping on the weekends, someone needs to be there to help with those purchases.

I recently started working at a local liquor store as a Wine Consultant. Except for the night and weekend hours, it has been great. Helping people pick out what to drink is exactly where I belong. But it’s also great exposure to new and exciting products to the market. Simply walking the aisles of a liquor store once doesn’t tell me enough about products, but spending 6-8 hours walking the aisles of the store definitely gives me time to do some research. Or at least the pre-research so I can decide what to bring home to fully research..

Last weekend I brought home Kuleto Vineyards Native Son based on a recommendation from a coworker. I’ve heard amazing things about Kuleto Vineyards, so I was pretty excited to try something from them.  The Native Son is primarily  Cabernet Sauvignon with 15% Sangiovese and 2% Zinfandel. The website describes it as having “aromas from red peppercorn, flowers, and sweet dried herbs to black plum, black licorice, tar, and smoked meat, and structures from clean, bright, and focused to heavy, soft, and sweet.”

2009 Kuleto Estate Native Son, Napa Valley, California, USA ~$35

I’d say that my notes are inline with the winemakers description. The nose was intensely plummy with ripe fruits. The palate is medium bodied with flavors of red berries, cassis, blackberry and soft pepper spice. The finish is long and smooth with sweet vanillin oak notes. The vanilla and creamy oak notes overpowered the fruit leaving me wishing for a little more of that dried herb and spice note. All in all, for me it’s not worth the $35 price tag, but definitely a well-made wine, just needed a bit more balance.

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