The Basics

Wine has been lifted up and celebrated so much that it’s completely intimidating to the average consumer. And that’s not really fair. After all, it’s just fermented grape juice.

The secret to enjoying and understanding wine, is just to open a bottle and drink it. Yes, it’s really just that simple. The more wines you drink the more you’ll expand your palate and your understanding. You’ll soon discover that you love Pinot Noirs from Oregon, but aren’t so fond of those from the Russian River Valley, for example. The hard part comes in knowing WHY you like one over another.

That’s where you have to do the work. Again, by drinking lots of wine (oh darn). But now, you have to put some more focus on what you’re drinking and try to pick out the flavors in the glass. You know you taste sort of a red fruit note, but is it cherry or blackberry? What’s the acidity like, does it make your cheeks hurt or is it soft and make your mouth water?

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