Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris

Pinot Grigio is a crisp, dry and refreshing grape that thrives most in Northeast Italy. Pinot Grigio is the same grape as Pinot Gris, but Gris tends to be a slightly fuller style produced in alsace, France, Oregon and Washington. While typically fermented in stainless steel to create a light and crisp style wine, many producers have been introducing oak aging or lees-aging to produce a richer, more complex style. Lees aging means that the wine is aged in contact with the lees, or dead yeast cells, once fermentation is complete. The resulting wine has fuller and more complex notes of tropical fruits, bread and vanilla.

Key Regions

  • Italy: Veneto, Valdadige, Collio
  • France(Alsace), Oregon, California

Key Attributes

  • Aromas: Apple, Lemon, Pear, Mineral, Fresh Herbs
  • Flavors: Citrus, Lemon, Apple, Mineral, Tropical Fruits, Bread, Vanilla

Classic Pairings

  • Seafood, Shellfish, Quiche, Poultry, Fresh Salads, Appetizers

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