Cabernet Sauvignon

This big bold red is one of the most popular grapes available. This oak aged red is grown in almost every wine growing region in the wold, but thrives the best in Bordeaux, France and Napa Valley, California. Although most Cabernets being produced right not are meant to be drunk immediately, the hearty tannins give Cabernet the ability to age for many years. Typically thought of as a bold, powerhouse of a wine, Cabernet can be produced in many different styles. The most popular style is fresh and fruity with little to no tannins. Alternatively, Cabernet can be complex and elegant with smooth, velvety tannins and notes of dark berry fruits. The most expensive Cabernets tend to be full-bodied and intense with dark fruit notes and firm tannins. These Cabs are meant to age, softening the tannins and creating rich but elegant fruit, spice and chocolate notes.

Key Regions

  • France: Bordeaux, Saint-Estephe, Saint Jlien, Pauillac, Margaux, Graves, Pessac-Leognan
  • California(Napa Valley, Alexander Valley), Washington, Italy, Australia, Chile

Key Attributes

  • Aromas: Currant, Blackberry, Raisin, Oak, Vanilla, Pepper, Chocolate, Tobacco, Dried Herbs, Earth, Spice, Coffee
  • Flavors: Blackberry, Raisin, Smoke, Pepper, Vanilla, Oak, Cedar, Chocolate, Coffee, Earth, Dried Herbs

Classic Pairings

  • Steak, Red Meat Dishes, Lamb, Venison, Aged Cheeses

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