Crushin’ It

I am totally nailing this blog thing. I stay focused for about a year at a time, and then totally forget. I blame it on life getting in the way, but that’s just an excuse. Although this time, it really did get in the way – we took a bit of a detour in 2016.

In March of 2016, my husband and I packed up our lives, said goodbye to our friends and moved to Virginia. He had a great job offer in Fairfax, VA, and shortly after moving, I got a great job in D.C. We lived about an hour from Shenandoah National Park, where we spent many weekends camping and hiking. We were able to visit some great Virginia wineries, and had a great afternoon at the Virginia Wine Festival. We saw baseball games, toured the monuments, and then as quickly as it started, it was all over.

On NYE, we again, packed up our lives and headed home to RI. We are so grateful that we had that adventure, but even more grateful that we were able to kick off 2017 right: at home. And since we’ve been home, we’ve been able to slip back into our life as we left it, with one new addition: A Border Collie/Vizsla mix named Brix. He was born in December, so he’s still a puppy. He loves going for runs, digging in the yard, and playing at the beach. He learns something new every day but he has officially mastered posing with a bottle of wine for his mama, thank god.

Brix (ºBx): the measurement of the sugar content of grapes, indicating the ripeness at harvest, and ultimately determining the alcohol level of the finished wine.

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