13.1 Thoughts While Running a Half Marathon (With Pairings)

I wouldn’t consider myself a runner. I played sports growing up and ran just to keep in shape, but that had an end goal: to be better at sports. So why would I start running and run a half marathon as an adult? Because of this guy:

We adopted this sweet boy in February. He is a Border Collie/Viszla mix, both of which are super high energy and love to run. They say a tired dog is a well behaved dog, so we ran. At first just a mile or two at a time, and then eventually started training for a half marathon together, because why not. So thank you Lisa, Todd and Lauren for making me sign up and convincing me that I could in fact do this. And thank you Brix, for turning me into a runner and running every single mile with me, except for this last 13.1.

Mile 1: Well this sucks. Why would I do this to myself?

            Pair with: a tequila shot.

Mile 2: Running still sucks. I hate my podcast, I should switch to music. Just kidding, I hate my music too.

            Pair with: there’s free beer at the end, right?

Mile 3: Okay, this isn’t so bad. My legs are feelin’ good. I wish Brix was here, he’d love this.

            Pair with: Beer’d Brewing Dogs and Boats Double IPA

Mile 4: Finally, a water stop, feeling pretty good. How do people run and drink at the same time? I just poured my entire cup on myself.. Ugh, whyyyyy am I doing this? I’ve never run farther than 4 miles willingly before, except one time, I ran 6 miles for donuts with John and Cayla.

            Pair with: A PVDonut and a mimosa sounds pretty good right about now.

Mile 5: Found a groove, and mind is of course starting to wander… Why wouldn’t that really awkward thing I did in 7th grade pop into my head right now?

            Pair with: Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA

Mile 6: I think I just blacked out… What is happening? Where am I again? Is it Thanksgiving yet?

            Pair with: vodka.


Mile 7: Running in the wind and rain is the actual worst. I could really use a hot shower, and my couch right about now.

            Pair with: Silverado St. George Merlot and a hot shower.

Mile 8: I wonder what my pace is right now – I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. Checks strava: okay, I am running in slow motion, time to step it up!

            Pair with: A really well made margarita, with Uno Dos Tres Organic Tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice.

Mile 9: Where are all my spectators? I need some cheering and energy!

            Pair with: Cliff Bar energy gel and an irish coffee

Mile 10: Only a 5k left, that’s not too bad. I could finish this in less than a half hour!

            Pair with:Vecchia Modena Lambrusco – a light bodied sparkling red, something fun cause a 5k is a breeze!

Mile 11: Maybe a 5k isn’t as much of a breeze after running 10 miles first… time for some seriously motivating music.

            Pair with: I’m ready for some beer. Or maybe some whiskey.

Mile 12: Okay, everything hurts and I’m dying.

            Pair with: Definitely whiskey – Sazerac’s Rye Whiskey. Straight.

Mile 13: One more mile. That’s nothing! I can run a mile in under 9 minutes! Or maybe not…why is this mile so long?! It’s so cold and wet and windy, this is miserable. Remind me never to do this to myself again.

            Pair with:an extra large bloody mary sounds pretty good right about now.

 Mile .1: Downhill!? Perfect! And finally a crowd to cheer me on! This really wasn’t so bad after all.

            Pair with: Clam chowder and many, many Ipswich 1620 IPA’s

Recovery thoughts: Legs are tired, but not nearly as tired as I would’ve thought! Definitely could’ve pushed myself harder, but I suppose running a half marathon is pushing myself pretty far enough. Time for some good food, good drink and good company.

            Pair with:

Louis Barthélémy Brut Rosé, Champagne, France ~$45 – Bright cherry, berry and apple notes are balanced by hints of toasted almonds, making this Champagne perfect for appetizers, like soft cheese or brunch dishes, like quiche.

Willm Reserve Pinot Blanc, Alsace ~$22 – This medium bodied white has notes of lychee, guava and peach. The palate is textured with a hint of sweet fruits and a bright acidic finish. The weight of this wine and fruit forward nature make it a great match for poultry and ham dishes.

Merry Edwards Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, California ~$50 – Dark cherry and berry fruit flavors are balanced by notes of baking spices, black pepper, mushroom and earth. This elegantly smooth red is perfect for thanksgiving dinner and all it’s fixin’s; fruit forward, yet layered and rich.

And a thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat.

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